Terms and Conditions

All nonprofit organizations that participate in North Texas Giving Day must acknowledge and agree to the following rules: 

  • I certify that 100% of the proceeds my organization raises through North Texas Giving Day will go directly towards my organization’s programs/services/beneficiaries located within the 20 county North Texas region as defined by the eligibility rules.

  • I certify that my organization will provide supplemental information and supporting documentation to substantiate my organization’s eligibility for North Texas Giving Day upon request.

  • I certify that my organization is in good standing with the state and IRS and is not in violation of any applicable state and/or federal law, ordinance, or regulation. Further, I understand and agree that participation in North Texas Giving Day does not constitute endorsement by Communities Foundation of Texas or any North Texas Giving Day partner of my organization or mission.

  • I certify that my organization will use North Texas Giving Day proceeds for fully tax deductible purposes per the IRS and that donors to my organization will not purchase memberships, tickets, raffle tickets or any other item that could be viewed as a benefit for their donation.

  • I certify that my organization will not encourage donors to fulfill pledges with gifts made through North Texas Giving Day.

  • I certify that my organization understands bonus funds are not a dollar for dollar match and that the bonus percentage will be calculated and communicated via email on September 15, 2017, the day after North Texas Giving Day.

  • I understand that important and urgent North Texas Giving Day information will be posted on the North Texas Giving Day social media pages (FacebookTwitterInstagram), and that our organization should follow those social media accounts to stay best informed.
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