Can I help cover the processing fees when I donate?




During the donation process, you will be asked if you would like to cover the fee for your chosen organization(s). If you select yes, 5.03% will be added to your total. Your entire contribution amount is tax deductible, including the processing fee!

Communities Foundation of Texas does not make any profit on North Texas Giving Day. To the contrary, Communities Foundation of Texas invests $1.2 million in operating North Texas Giving Day and additionally raises more than $1 million in bonus and prize funds to give to nonprofits participating in the day. There is no charge to nonprofits to be listed on, to participate in North Texas Giving Day, to attend the many strategic training session, receive mentoring or to use the best practices and toolkits. However, there are separate per transaction costs charged on each donation consisting of the credit/debit processing fee (2.04%) and the Kimbia technology fee (2.99%) that are passed through to the nonprofit if the donor does not choose to cover those fees.  

If you do not choose to cover the fee, the 5.03% per transaction processing fee will be deducted from your donation before it is disbursed to your favorite cause, as is standard across most major fundraising platforms. 

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