What is a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)?

Communities Foundation of Texas, as well as The Dallas Foundation, North Texas Community Foundation and Dallas Women's Foundation, administer a charitable giving tool known as a donor-advised fund (DAF). DAFs allow individuals, families and businesses to organize their charitable giving and make grants to nonprofits.


How do donor-advised funds work?


Donors enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings and tax advantages by establishing and giving through DAFs. Donors recommend the nonprofit organizations in which they want to invest, and Foundation staff do all the work in administering the grants. DAFs allow donors to add to their fund(s) at any time, receive immediate tax deductions, and distribute funds over longer periods of time. These funds offer the opportunity to give anonymously, cut down on keeping track of charitable giving receipts, and provide access to the expertise of Foundation staff. DAFs also offer opportunities for the next generation(s) of family members to participate in the fund’s giving.


Using a DAF to give to North Texas Giving Day:


Donor-advised fund holders at Communities Foundation of Texas and the additional above listed foundations can use their DAFs to make grants to nonprofits participating in North Texas Giving Day. There is no fee to make a grant from a DAF for North Texas Giving Day, AND these gifts are eligible for bonus funds!


North Texas Giving Day grants from DAFs are found in each nonprofit’s gift report under the "offline donations" tab and will include the donor’s name and gift amount, unless anonymous. DAF gifts are including in your overall NTGD total but gifts from DAFs will be mailed as a separate check to the nonprofit. The transmittal letter accompanying the check will include the donor’s contact information, should you wish to acknowledge them for their gift.

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